Teaching/Learning Chinese language.

* I am talking practical stuff here 😉

Reading/studying time: 10 min

If somebody non-Chinese, who wasn’t brought up in China at least, tells you that he knows Chinese, don’t believe him. A foreigner might know standard Mandarin, speak it fluently, but still get stuck when a dialectal Chinese is heard. Whatever it is, we, foreigners, still want to learn and actually speak Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese. The latter is a rare case.

To begin with, I want to show you a presentation about Mandarin that I used a few years ago for an open class at a public school for the pupils. Hope you will enjoy it and if so, we will continue our Chinese classes together! 🙂


Margarita Rara.


The Kite Capital of the World

Reading time: 5 minutes

Weifang – 潍坊 – a comparatively big city in Shandong province in China with population of about 8.5 million people. Curiously, living here, one does not see the “overpopulation” of China! Thanks to a well-planned city structure, its boulevards are wide and spacious, thus rarely jammed. Sometimes you don’t see a single car on the horizon.

Weifang is one of the greenest cities in China! Due to its numerous green projects, including renovations of parks and rivers, 40% of the city territory is green. It is truly a City of Parks and Forests.