Communication in multicultural society.

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Communication in multicultural society.

Objective: Cross cultural understanding, focus on new vocabulary and grammar, mind map.

Place: 350 East Xietu Lu, crossing Zhizaoju Lu.  Level 2. Shared office space.

          (Under KTV on level 3), Shanghai, China.

Date Conducted:  19th July.


Welcome to INative Speaker Club! Every Friday at 7 pm we conduct English classes for those who want to study in a smart and effective way. What is so special about INS club? We mix fun and studying by learning through practice and correcting all the shortcomings in your spoken and written English. Western methodologies adapted to modern world as well as foreign guests almost every class will bring your English skills to a more advanced level. Listening to people from all over the world will broaden your mind and make you see from a few different perspectives. Be innovative now. Choose a smart way to study.  

Please register by calling Margarita (18516042049). Number of people is limited!


How did it go: 

Our first INS club was a success! up to 9 people who attended were of great support and had an avid desire for learning which made the class fun and engaging! Many thanks and respect to the students.


The Kite Capital of the World

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Weifang – 潍坊 – a comparatively big city in Shandong province in China with population of about 8.5 million people. Curiously, living here, one does not see the “overpopulation” of China! Thanks to a well-planned city structure, its boulevards are wide and spacious, thus rarely jammed. Sometimes you don’t see a single car on the horizon.

Weifang is one of the greenest cities in China! Due to its numerous green projects, including renovations of parks and rivers, 40% of the city territory is green. It is truly a City of Parks and Forests.