Weifang Chinese Corner.



Reading time: 10 minutes.

Place: Shandong province, Weifang city, Jima road, “SPR COFFEE” café.

Objective: teaching Chinese to foreigners.

Teachers: Chinese native speakers-professional teachers Min and Sandy. Teaching assistants: students from Foreign Languages department in Weifang Univesity.

Schedule: every Wednesday at 7pm.

Entrance fee: a beverage 😉

Weifang is a comparatively small city thus there are not many foreign residents.  Most of that “handful” of foreigners are teachers working in schools and universities. Nevertheless, this city welcomes every newcomer with warmth and hospitality, giving a hand to those lost in translation!

SPR Coffee Chinese Corner is one of the examples of Weifang hospitality. The owner of the coffee shop is a nice lady Min, who had lived in London for over a decade. On her return back to the roots, Min opened her own foreign language school along with a coffee shop that serves good coffee and chocolate which can’t but make you feel like at home. Those who ever lived in China, know what I mean 😉 Though a business lady, Min is extremely hospitable and friendly. She turned her coffee shop into a place where foreigners can hang out, learn Chinese and make friends.

Therefore, driven by a desire to master one of the ancient languages in the world, every Wednesday at 7pm a group of foreigners gathers together in Min’s SPR Coffee.

Let’s see how the “classes” are conducted!


The Kite Capital of the World

Reading time: 5 minutes

Weifang – 潍坊 – a comparatively big city in Shandong province in China with population of about 8.5 million people. Curiously, living here, one does not see the “overpopulation” of China! Thanks to a well-planned city structure, its boulevards are wide and spacious, thus rarely jammed. Sometimes you don’t see a single car on the horizon.

Weifang is one of the greenest cities in China! Due to its numerous green projects, including renovations of parks and rivers, 40% of the city territory is green. It is truly a City of Parks and Forests.