Gestures and Eye Contact in Cross-cultural communication.

Objective: Gestures and Eye Contact in Cross-cultural communication

Date Conducted: 2nd Aug.

I have sent out below message to my students before the session.

Next Friday at 7pm we will continue watching the video on how to become a master of Small Talk. Students will present their scripts for the video first! 🙂

Our new topic, though, is Gestures and Eye Contact in cross-cultural communication. We will study it for some time just before meeting our speaker from Germany who is currently on a business trip in Shanghai. Having lived in many different countries, our guest will share his experience in cross-cultural communication, small talks, gestures and eye-contact in particular! Looking forward to welcome our guest and to practice English in multicultural environment! Dear students, please prepare a few good questions for the guest – something really catchy and fun. Improvise! 🙂 See you next Friday



How did it go:

The third INS Club went great and we all enjoyed the interactive conversation with our speaker Mori. Just an hour before Mori started sharing his cross-cultural experience (having lived in Iran, Germany, Russia, Malaysia and other countries), we watched videos about gestures and small talks,
bringing back to memory all previously learn vocabulary. Thank you guys for coming and special thanks to Mori for his time and effort to attend our class and give us a captivating speech! By the way, extra speacial super thanks to you, Mori, for the team-building game!!! The picture of seemingly useless items on the table actually conveys a lot of meaning, emotions and even hopes!

P.S. Soon all of those attended will get a dropbox file with the video of the class and an email with some hints.
Enjoy your day!!! 🙂

Gestures & Eye contact1

Gestures & Eye contact2


Margarita Rara.


The 30th Weifang International Kite Festival. Weifang, Shandong province, China, 2013.

It was in 1984 that the Weifang International Kite Festival took off and has been attracting more and more attention every year.

Since then Weifang became the kite capital of the world. This year on April 22 I visited the famous mountain Fayanshan (浮烟山) where the event takes place.

The field was divided into parts for amateurs and for professionals, as well as for the “dangerous” kites, as they are called.

The kites differ in shapes and colours, meaning and function… Such a great variety! This event is another example of how modern is mixed with traditional in China, there the former is taking over the latter. The huge contemporary volume kites are more attractive to the eye and of course more visible in the sky.

A Chinese opera face kite



In fact, I was surprised to find out and witness different flying techniques exercised in different countries! Some just float in the sky aimlessly, some move around, others fly like rockets making beautiful ornaments in the sky…

Check out this kite…