A trip around China in 10 days! Part 2

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After a good 1 hour walk around, we left the garden in high spirits and full of energy. In 15 minutes we were already in Pingjing street (平江 píngjiāng lù), thanks to a taxi. Pingjing street is by far the best place in Suzhou – it’s a true little Venice of China, with ancient streets and houses. Interestingly enough, I hadn’t found a lot of information about this street while preparing my own guide book for the trip – but found out about it from a woman on a boat trip around canals who most probably saw my slight disappointment with Suzhou and told me that I must see this Pingjing street. She was right indeed 🙂

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A café where we drank some oolong tea and the host was kind enough to let me into her kitchen to wash some fruits that we had bought from a nearby street market.

Trip part2 12

Generally speaking, Suzhou is a nice city, though it’s definitely not so ancient and historical as the Chinese claim. If you go to Suzhou, visit the Pingjing street and enjoy the canals.

And travel on 😉


Margarita Rara.



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