Weifang Chinese Corner.

To begin with, there are two levels of groups – Beginner and Elementary. Last semester there was an elementary group of four students, which was pretty successful as they learnt rather complex Chinese unites, together with chengyu’s (proverbs) and idioms.

This semester Chinese Corner welcomed a number of new foreigners thus making one big group of Beginners.

Unlike the Elementary level, where you can learn how to write hanzi (Chinese characters), Beginners learn how to speak Chinese. There is a small talk and revision of previously learnt material in the group and then a new topic is introduced– whether it’s food, travelling, movies, music, culture etc. Along the discussion of the new topic, grammar is being implemented. All this is followed by exercises on the newly learnt material. On top of that, there is usually a short movie session that is being discussed afterwards. To draw a conclusion, the lessons include studying of all the aspects of the language and, therefore, are very effective. What’s most important though is that after the lesson foreigners just hang around and talk about their experiences in such a different and vibrant country as China.

If you ever happen to be in Weifang, make sure you reserve a Wednesday evening to visit SPR Coffee café to meet new friends, learn some Chinese and enjoy your cup of so home-made chocolate.

P.S. English corner is going to be opened here soon too!

Margarita Rara. 



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