The Kite Capital of the World

Every April Weifang becomes a host of annual International Kite Festival that dates back to 1984! In this period the sky of Weifang embraces thousands of colourful kites, hoist by kiters of different nationalities from all over the globe, including Canada, Japan, South Korea and the USA. It is believed to be one of the most beautiful events in China, which I am yet to witness in a few weeks and share this experience with you!

Being the “kite hometown”, Weifang possess about a thousand of kites displayed in the Kite Museum, situated on the bund of BaiLanghe. Right across the river from the museum, there is a small riverside park where every week I practice traditional martial art of Weifang – WuDang – with a great laoshi (teacher). But this is a different, coming-up, story!

Weifang might not have a lot of touristic attractions, but it is definitely a good city to live in when in China. The sky is blue and the air is surprisingly fresh. The green parks make your day off relaxing and revitalizing. Moreover, the sea is just 1.5 hour away from here!

Margarita Rara.


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